PRO network – Organic Residual Products

PRO network – Organic Residual Products


The PRO network (Organic Residual Products) consists of four main sites - QualiAgro, Colmar, EFELE site in Rennes, and Reunion Island - to study the environmental impact of PRO recycling on cultivated ecosystems. The tested PROs include urban compost, urban sludge (composted or not), livestock effluents, compared to a common PRO (cattle manure) and a control receiving no PRO intake.

Proposed services

  • Access service for in natura long-term experiments;
  • Data providing services;
  • Sample providing services;

Detailed service offer

  • Instrumentation for the long-term monitoring of these differentiated ecosystems through experiments on the application of PROs and the in situ measurement of environmental parameters;
  • Devices and tools for the collection of samples and data on the studied ecosystems.

Types d'écosystèmes

Types of pressures

Network sites PRO network – Organic Residual Products

In natura experimentation PRO Colmar


AnaEE France


AnaEE France

La Réunion

in natura "QualiAgro" site of PRO network