Issues as stake

Scientific issues

One of the particularities of AnaEE-France's infrastructure is its ability to offer experimentation, analysis and modelling services to respond to urgent scientific issues. AnaEE-France offers a break with the traditional research philosophy and provides users with open access platforms capable of meeting challenges with multiple and unequalled strengths:

  1. an ability to simultaneously study the multiple pressures of global change on ecosystems;
  2. tools to monitor multiple interacting ecosystem processes;
  3. tools to study changes at different levels of biological organization;
  4. a high diversity of ecosystem types (lakes, grasslands, soils, etc.) to study the multiple compartments of continental ecosystems;
  5. a portfolio of platforms and experimental tools covering different environmental periods and contexts, to integrate knowledge into models and address the different processes leading to ecosystem dynamics over different time scales;
  6. experimental tools that cover different spatial scales, also allowing to study the role of spatial dynamics on ecosystem processes.

Methodological and technological issues

The AnaEE-France infrastructure combines distributed and complementary services into a single, coordinated offer. It provides a common access portal with shared rules, project and data management tools, and sample storage facilities. AnaEE-France supports the development of innovative technologies, whether in the field of experimentation, analysis or modelling.

Socio-economic issues

The most relevant economic sectors for AnaEE-France include agricultural and forestry production, natural resource and risk management, and sensor production. AnaEE France offers the socio-economic world the possibility to experiment processes, test methods, transfer innovations or provide data and models for decision support. Collaborations with the private sector are an integral part of the service missions offered by the AnaEE France platforms, for example with TIMAC Agro (Roullier company), Suez environnement, Bayer Crop Science or Véolia Environnement.