AnaEE France

Analysis and Experimentations on Ecosystems

AnaEE France offers the scientific community, companies and civil society organisations full access to the study of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems through its experimental platforms distributed throughout mainland France and the French overseas territories.
It also supports your projects by offering analyses on its analytical platforms and modelling pipelines.

Anaee France ecosystem illustration by par Jocelyn Duluc
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Ecotron MTP_Clémence Paul PHD thesis

“Oxygen fractionation associated with biological processes : application to reconstruction of past biosphere productivity.” Clémence Paul PhD thesis (LSCE / Montpellier Ecotron)

Clémence Paul defended her PhD thesis on January 18, 2024 at LSCE (Université Paris Saclay), entitled "Fractionation of oxygen...

Publiée le 29 January 2024
Jardin du Lautaret_ecole d'été AnaEE France

The AnaEE France summer school 2023 kicks off this Monday, 09/25!

This Monday we're ready to welcome the 23 international participants of the third AnaEE France summer school! On the...

Publiée le 24 September 2023

Integration of spatial remote sensing data in AnaEE France terrestrial experimentation systems

The "AnaEE-SAT" project was set up by the infrastructure in 2022-2023 to integrate spatial remote sensing data into AnaEE...

Publiée le 07 September 2023

8th colloquium of the ECOTOX Network

The 8th colloquium of the ECOTOX Network will be held in La Rochelle on November 13, 14 and 15th...

Publiée le 01 September 2023

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Interactive map of the AnaEE France infrastructure

Find the interactive map of the entire AnaEE-France infrastructure. A network based on four pillars with complementary functions in the field of research on continental ecosystems:

  • Experimentation platforms in a controlled environment
  • In natura experimentation platforms
  • Analytical platforms, including:
    • mobile instrumentation for in situ analyzes
    • analytical platforms
  • Information systems and data management tools.


Documentary resources

Specialized publications

Specialized publications

You will find here a list of our research products including publications in international scientific journals, conference proceedings, reviews or technical reports.
Data from AnaEE France

Data from AnaEE France

AnaEE France data is currently organised in multi-disciplinary repositories for sharing and open access or organised in disciplinary databases available in secure access for your research needs.

Resource catalogue

The resource catalogue brings together in an organised way the AnaEE France devices and provides lists of metadata for the exploitation of these devices.


AnaEE France technical documentation includes our internal public documents such as service charters, data and access policy documents, and best practice guides.