Forestry and agroforestry mixtures of nitrogen-fixing and non-fixing species.
Measurement of the exchange of volatile organic compounds between the different compartments of the ecosystem
Predicting the impact of anthropogenic activities and climate change on the functioning and sustainability of ecosystems and soil evolution
Realization and accompaniment of sequencing projects
Effect of species substitutions on biogeochemical cycles and soil sustainability
Characterization of the agronomic value and environmental impacts of Organic Residual Products (ORPs)
Conducting hypothesis tests on-site
Metabarcoding approach on environmental samples to identify microbial, animal and plant communities
Long-term experiments on natural grasslands and instrumented field crop plots
Long-term experiments on the impact of the spreading of organic residual products of animal or anthropogenic origin on crops.
Natural tropical forest, with biodiversity monitoring and privileged access to the canopy (COPAS system)
Metatron-associated service for in vivo phenotypic characterization of small animals
Real-time measurement of the evolution of greenhouse gas flows between soil-plant and atmosphere
Study of the mechanisms governing the growth and survival of trees, and of the overall functioning of the forest (water, energy and carbon balance, fire risk).
Ecological characterization of terrestrial ecosystems on site (instantaneous fluxes, capture of particular events, unstable compounds) and non-destructive in situ measurements
Precise control of environmental variables and measurement of the state and activity of organisms and ecosystems
Study of animal and plant organisms at different scales
Study of the dynamics of aquatic ecosystems
Understanding the interactions between spatial dynamics, evolutionary dynamics and biodiversity at every level of organization to predict ecosystem functioning in the context of global environmental c...
Genomic means dedicated to soil, sediment and water microorganisms
Assessing the sustainability and environmental performance of silvicultural systems under ocean climate conditions
Ecosystem functioning and sensitivity to climate change.
Platform for experimentation on ecosystems in alpine conditions (2200 m altitude)
Functional ecology of a Mediterranean forest ecosystem subject to climate change
Functioning of aquatic ecosystems and the impact of anthropisation

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