Governance bodies and their roles

The infrastructure's governance includes a decision-making entity (steering committee), operational entities (management board, executive committee and working groups) and a consultancy body (scientific advisory board, SAB).

AnaEE France Infrastructure
AnaEE France infrastructure

The steering committee includes 2 CNRS representatives, 2 INRAE representatives and 1 representative of the UGA (University Grenoble Alpes) as well as observer members of the ANR (French National Research Agency), the French Ministry of Research and Higher Education, the AllEnvi Alliance, two representatives of users and a foreign researcher member of the AnaEE Europe project.

The management board is composed of the two CNRS and INRAE coordinators, as well as a project manager, an administrative manager and a legal manager.

The executive committee is responsible for implementing the procedures validated by the steering committee and is composed of members chosen by the steering committee to represent the five pillars of the national infrastructure.

The SAB is composed of 4 French experts and 4 international experts.

AnaEE France Governance
AnaEE France governance