Datas from AnaEE France

AnaEE France data policy

You can download the AnaEE France data policy document by clicking on the following link:

AnaEE France data policy document (in French)

AnaEE France data management plan (in French)

AnaEE France information systems

AnaEE France's Eco-Informatics service currently provides four information systems for accessing data and metadata from the Infrastructure's long-term observation and experimentation sites. These information systems cover the perimeters of devices studying ecosystems of the same type and collecting similar data. The information systems share an identical software architecture called OpenADom, and provide secure access to data for visualization, analysis and extraction:

Data repositories

AnaEE France also provides generic data repositories in the form of “AnaEE France” collections in the national Recherche Data Gouv repository and the data.InDoRES repository of the CNRS and Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle. These repositories hosts raw datasets as well as annotated datasets using AnaEE France semantic pipelines. In addition, many of the datasets produced on the AnaEE France platforms are published in institutional repositories and thematic repositories, depending on the choices made by scientists using the infrastructure's services. AnaEE France datasets are published in the following institutional repositories (non-exhaustive list):

Recherche Data Gouv


Semantic reference systems

AnaEE France's semantic annotation approach is based on the use of a controlled vocabulary and an ontology co-constructed by the AnaEE France EcoInfo team and AnaEE France platform managers. You can consult the AnaEE France thesaurus at the following address: