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Ecotron MTP_Clémence Paul PHD thesis

“Oxygen fractionation associated with biological processes : application to reconstruction of past biosphere productivity.” Clémence Paul PhD thesis (LSCE / Montpellier Ecotron)

Clémence Paul defended her PhD thesis on January 18, 2024 at LSCE (Université Paris Saclay), entitled "Fractionation of oxygen...

Publiée le 29 January 2024

Integration of spatial remote sensing data in AnaEE France terrestrial experimentation systems

The "AnaEE-SAT" project was set up by the infrastructure in 2022-2023 to integrate spatial remote sensing data into AnaEE...

Publiée le 07 September 2023
site Puéchabon

The Drought ForC project, selected by FairCarboN PEPR, will be carried out on 4 experimental forestry sites in the AnaEE infrastructure

4 AnaEE sites and 5 ICOS sites, coordinated by Jean-Marc Limousin (scientific manager of the Puéchabon Mediterranean forest site),...

Publiée le 04 August 2023