The objective of the system is to characterize the agronomic value and the environmental and health impacts of 3 types of PROs commonly applied in Alsace - urban sewage sludge, bio-waste compost, cattle manure - and to highlight the effect of composting on these impacts, as part of an agronomically sound application that complies with regulations. Since 2014, the site has been the subject of a new approach, known as "prospective practice", which aims to achieve the objective of fully covering crop needs, with priority given to nitrogen, by using only waste products. This involves in particular (1) managing fertilization by adding PRO without mineral fertilizers to cover the nitrogen needs of each crop and to compensate for phosphorus and potassium exports and (2) setting up nitrate-fixing intermediate crops after the wheat and barley harvests.

Proposed services

  • Access service for in natura long-term experiments
  • Data providing services;
  • Sample providing services;

Detailed service offer

  • An in situ ecosystem experimentation service;
  • Instrumentation for the long-term monitoring of these ecosystems and the in situ measurement of environmental parameters;
  • Devices and tools for collecting samples and data on the ecosystems studied.

Types d'écosystèmes

Types of pressures

In natura experimentation
Sabine Houot
Scientific manager
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