Enclosed experimentation

AnaEE-France offers the possibility to study aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems in controlled environments. Two Ecotrons and four experimental platforms are available for scientists to study ecosystems in artificial environments or controlled in situ environments:

  • the Ecotron Ile de France and the Montpellier Ecotron, for the study of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in totally or partially sealed enclosures capable of generating a wide range of physical and chemical conditions and studying their flows. The two French ecotrons offer study scales ranging from the micro to the macroscopic.
  • PLANAQUA, for the study of aquatic ecosystems in mesocosms and macrocosms as well as in scientific animal houses;
  • PEARL, for the study of aquatic ecosystems in mesocosms and the production of organisms;
  • the Alpine Lakes Observatory (OLA) for in situ studies on lakes or on the ground in laboratories and mesocosms;
  • the terrestrial Metatron, for studies of terrestrial ecosystems thanks to a large-scale device allowing the observation of population movements according to the climatic conditions imposed in the various compartments;
  • the aquatic Metatron, to simultaneously study the effects of climate change (warming or cooling) and habitat fragmentation (aquatic and aerial) on the functioning of aquatic ecosystems;
  • ECP, for experimentation at several scales, from the individual to the population, in aquatic ecosystems, particularly running-water aquatic environments;
  • XPO, for characterizing biodiversity and understanding the functioning of continental aquatic ecosystems in a context of global change, by assessing the responses of these ecosystems or their species to anthropogenic pressures.