Terrestrial Metatron

Terrestrial Metatron


The terrestrial mesocosms available through AnaEE-France are present in a device called Metatron. This platform allows a study of terrestrial ecosystems thanks to a large-scale system allowing the observation of population movements according to the climatic conditions under control in the different compartments.

Indeed, the Metatron includes a set of climate-controlled enclosures designed to study terrestrial metacommunities. These large cages are inhabited by a community of animal and plant species on which certain conditions of temperature, humidity and solar radiation are imposed.

Proposed services

  • Custom experimental services in enclosed environment;

Detailed service offer

  • a set of interconnected climate-controlled enclosures to study terrestrial metacommunities;
  • animal houses and a greenhouse to produce and monitor communities of species introduced into the Metatron.

Types d'écosystèmes

Type d'observations

Enclosed experimentation
Julien Cote
Scientific manager
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