This aquatic platform offers a set of tools (lentic mesocosms, lotic channels, artificial spawning grounds, olfactometers, etc.) for studying the functioning of aquatic ecosystems and evaluating the impact of anthropisation on these environments. Part of the platform's aquatic mesocosms have been set up for the implementation of ecotoxicology research protocols. The mesocosms are located outdoors and are subject to local climatic variations (rainfall, temperature, etc.). All these basins can be fully fitted out according to the design defined with the clients.

On the other hand, the PEARL facility has halls divided into about fifteen technical rooms (laboratory, offices, workshops, boiler room, etc.) or experimental rooms (air-conditioned rooms, lotic channels, artificial spawning grounds, etc.). Some of these rooms are dedicated to the production or maintenance of model organisms used for the studies conducted within the framework of PEARL: fish (shad, lamprey, eel, young salmonid stages, etc.), invertebrates (crayfish, daphnia, chironomids, etc.), algae, plants, etc.

Proposed services

  • Custom experimental services in enclosed environment;

Detailed service offer

PEARL service offer consists in:

  • a facility of about a hundred aquatic mesocosms of 0.5 cubic metres to 30 cubic metres where aquatic ecosystems are reconstituted for the study of their functioning and the impact of forcing factors (anthropogenic or not) in lentic environments;
  • technical halls for the production of organisms with a total surface area of 800 square metres, divided into about fifteen technical or experimental rooms

Types d'écosystèmes

Enclosed experimentation
Didier Azam
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