XPO: eXPerimentation and Observation on Aquatic Ecosystems

XPO: eXPerimentation and Observation on Aquatic Ecosystems


XPO (Platform for eXPerimentation and Observation on Aquatic Ecosystems) is a component of INRAE's LIFE Research Infrastructure, which is a Collective Scientific Infrastructure (CSI) aimed at characterizing biodiversity and understanding the functioning of continental aquatic ecosystems in a context of global change. It was created and is supported by the EABX - Aquatic Ecosystems and Global Change research unit (INRAE, UR 1454). Research carried out within this unit aims to acquire knowledge, build methods and develop tools to characterize and understand the state and dynamics of continental aquatic ecosystems (estuaries, lakes, rivers), by assessing the responses of these ecosystems or their species (amphihaline migratory fish and aquatic plants) to anthropogenic pressures (fishing, fragmentation of environments, contamination, climate change).

The various platforms and tools made available by ISC XPO enable research to be carried out on different groups of organisms (e.g. fish, crustaceans, molluscs, aquatic plants) in freshwater, estuarine or marine environments. This may involve work in ecology, ethology and ecotoxicology, potentially targeting different levels of organization, from the individual to the community.

Proposed services

  • Custom experimental services in enclosed environment;
  • Service for the provision of equipment.

Detailed service offer

XPO provides scientists with the following services:

  • The Experimental Station at Saint-Seurin-sur-l’Isle, which offers mesocosms of various sizes (aquariums, speed rings, basins and artificial rivers) that can be customized for fine, automated control of exposure conditions for all types of aquatic organisms;
  • The Pôle Végétation Aquatique (located in Cestas), which enables experiments to be carried out, as well as characterizing and monitoring the evolution of communities of freshwater primary producers and biofilm micro- and meiofauna under controlled conditions;
  • Experimental support services, to carry out various manipulations, measurements and analyses under optimal conditions.

Types d'écosystèmes

Enclosed experimentation
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