The experimental system at Lusignan (Poitou-Charentes) is characterized by the insertion of temporary grassland sequences into a cereal crop rotation. The environmental and agronomic roles of temporary grassland in cereal rotations are studied by optimizing their environmental impacts and preserving biodiversity.

Proposed services

  • Custom experimental services in natura;
  • Access service for in natura long-term experiments;
  • Data providing services;
  • Sample providing services;

Detailed service offer

  • An in situ ecosystem experimentation service;
  • Instrumentation for the long-term monitoring of these ecosystems and the in situ measurement of environmental parameters;
  • Devices and tools for collecting samples and data on the ecosystems studied.

Types d'écosystèmes


Types of pressures

In natura experimentation
Abad Chabbi
Scientific Manager
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Location INRAE Unité Expérimentale Fourrages Environnement Ruminants (FERLUS) Les Verrines, BP6, 86600 Lusignan, France