2019 TPgrand Ecotron MontpellierEcotron Montpellier allows precise control of environmental variables and automated measurement of the state and activity (flows) of organisms and ecosystems confined at different scales:

  • 2m3 microcosms that can accommodate one to several experimental units;
  • Mesocosms from 2m deep to 2m high for accurate flow measurement and a relatively high number of repetitions;
  • Macrocosms that can accommodate lysimeters from 2 to 12 tonnes, with a soil depth of up to 2m, a canopy area of 2, 4 or 5 m², and a canopy height up to 2m.


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1, Chemin du Rioux, Campus de Baillarguet - 34980 Montferrier sur Lez France

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