The mobile instrumentation "PTR-MS" allows the measurement of the exchange of volatile organic compounds (VOC) between the different compartments of the ecosystem (soil, plant, fauna, micro-organisms, air).
The platform is equipped with a proton transfer mass spectrometer (PTRQiTOF Ionicon®) that detects and quantifies VOCs in real time in the air. It is equipped for VOC measurements at different scales from dm² to plot. Measurements can be made in the laboratory in a dynamic chamber or on site (chamber, profile in the cover and flow tower).

Proposed services

  • Analytical services;
  • Service for the provision of equipment.

Detailed service offer

The PTR-MS is available to scientists for :

  • Measurements in incubators on soils to identify the VOC profiles emitted as a function of the microbial population and its function (e.g. denitrifiers).
  • On-site measurements to characterise emissions from soils and aerial parts of the ecosystem using chamber methods, with the aim of identifying the compounds emitted and absorbed by the different compartments of the ecosystem.
  • Total ecosystem flux measurements at high temporal resolution to characterise exchanges at this scale.
Mobile instrumentation
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