In 2018, the French Foundation for Biodiversity Research (FRB) and its Scientific Council created the Young Researchers' Prize, in conjunction with its Strategic Orientation Council (Cos), to support young researchers who make a significant contribution to biodiversity science.

All the information on the 2020 edition as well as the application modalities are available on the call page (only available in French).

Opening of the call: 2 June 2020
Deadline for submission: 15 August 2020 at midnight (Paris time).

Under the direct supervision of the Director General (DG), the Program Manager (PM) will participate in the implementation phase of AnaEE and contribute to the technical implementation of the hub, the centres, and the link with the national platforms. She/he will assist the DG in the implementation of the project coordination.

AnaEE is the European Research Infrastructure for experimentation in ecology. This succesful applicant will be hired by the CNRS (French National Scientific Research Centre).

All information on this position (French and English) at 

The "concours externe T" assigned to the SETE Metatrons operation is open. To view the offers, follow the link : 

Concours N° 199

The research work carried out using AnaEE-France's PTRMS and PRO services has led to the publication of a new article in Nature Scientific Reports.

Read the article in Nature Scientific Reports at the following link:


In addition to the metatron, the Station of Theoretical and Experimental Ecology (SETE) at Moulis in Ariège will host the Meta-aquatron, an equivalent set for the study of aquatic metapopulations, currently under development for an investment of 4 million euros. This equipment will make it possible to study the effects of climate on the functioning of aquatic ecological systems, particularly in the context of global warming. The news of France 3 Toulouse tells you about the event: access the video

Contact: Olivier Guillaume, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The ACBB (Agroecosystems, Bio-geochemical Cycles and Biodiversity) platforms released their new presentation video !

To visualize this video (subtitled in English), follow this link : ACBB presentation video.

Pre-registrations for the CNRS E-Envir 2019 Thematic School "Open data in environmental sciences: concepts and methods of qualification and data sharing in the era of big data" are open.

E-Envir 2019, the first thematic school in a cycle coordinated by the national environmental research infrastructures, will offer a 4-day programme of courses and practical work devoted to acquiring FAIR's knowledge and skills in the management of major environmental science datasets

Website :

The European network BiodivERsA will soon launch its next joint call on the following topic: Biodiversity and Climate Change.

This call is planned to be launched on 2 September 2019, with a closing date on 10 April 2020 (and with a mandatory submission of pre-proposals by 5 November 2019) [Indicative schedule].

More information is available on the BiodivERsA website:

In a study published in the journal Agronomy in March 2019, and involving among others the ACBB Lusignan site, scientists demonstrated that farm management practices can alter the relationship between soil respiration and soil water content.

Link to the publication :

Scientific contact :
Abad CHABBI - French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) - Multidisciplinary Research Unit for Grasslands and Forage Crops (P3F)


On Friday, July 12th, 2019, the University of Grenoble Alpes and the CNRS are celebrating the 120th anniversary of the Jardin du Lautaret, a major tourist and scientific site at an altitude of 2100 metres facing the Meije glaciers.

Online registration before June 3, 2019: click here!

On April 8, 2019, the Observatoire de Haute-Provence organized a scientific event and a site visit to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its O3HP Observatory. Find the program of the day by following this link.

The 2018 award for the best AnaEE France poster was given during the Functional Ecology Conference (Nancy, December 2018), to the team of Jana DLOUHA, Thiéry CONSTANT, François NINGRE, Vivien BONNESOEUR, Bruno MOULIA and Meriem FOURNIER for their presentation on biomechanical resistance to wind in a beech forest.

The 2018 award for the best AnaEE France talk was given during the Functional Ecology Conference (Nancy, December 2018), to the team of Jordane GAVINET, Jean-Marc OURCIVAL and Jean-Marc LIMOUSIN for their presentation on the functional responses to drought in a Mediterranean evergreen oak forest.

Jean Clobert 1*†, André Chanzy 2†, Jean-François Le Galliard3†, Abad Chabbi 4†, Lucile Greiveldinger 2†, Thierry Caquet 5, Michel Loreau1, Christian Mougin6,
Christian Pichot 7, Jacques Roy 8 and Laurent Saint-André9



Human activities have altered continental ecosystems worldwide and generated a major environmental crisis, prompting urgent societal questions on how to best produce goods
while at the same time securing sustainable ecological services and raising needs to better understand and predict biodiversity and ecosystems dynamics under global
changes. To tackle these questions, experimentation on ecosystems is necessary to improve our knowledge of processes and to propose scientifically sound management
strategies. Experimental platforms able to manipulate key factors of global change and including state of the art observation methodologies are available worldwide but how to
best integrate them has been rarely addressed. In this article, the authors discuss the case of the national research infrastructure AnaEE France dedicated to the study of continental
ecosystems and designed to congregate complementary experimental approaches in order to facilitate their access and use through a range of distributed and shared

for more details see the April Number Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

2nd CIRED International Summer School in Economic modelling of Environment, Energy and Climate
"The human part of the mitigation challenge: the role of demand and lifestyles in low carbon pathways"
2-6 July, 2018 – CIRED, Paris, France

The International Research Center on Environment and Development (CIRED) is pleased to announce the second edition of its International Summer School in Economic modelling of Environment, Energy and Climate. The Summer school will take place from July 2nd to July 6th at CIRED headquarters, Paris. The theme for the second edition is "The role of demand and lifestyles in low carbon pathways".

The presentation movie of the european infrastructure AnaEE is now visible by following this link. The goals of AnaEE are presented : they reflect at the European level the goals of AnaEE France at the national level.

The Functional Ecology Conference will take place from 10 to 13 Décember at Nancy (France) and will be organized jointly with the AnaEE-France research infrastructure. This will be the opportunity to focus on experimentation in Ecology and thus better know the services offered by the infrastructure. These days are open to all and presentations will be english. The registration program and procedures is available on the site. You can already save the date.

For more details on the scientific program, click here

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