2019 Ecotron Mtp Microcosmes 3The Microcosms platform comprises 12 custom-made identical and independent growth chambers. Each chamber allows for a variety of experimental systems and setups, including populations of arthropods, plan-soil systems in small pots, and intact samples of ecosystems (monoliths).  The growth chambers have a volume of 2m3 and a working area of 1m². One of their particularities is an external light compartment which allows the installation of various types of lamps (plasma lamps, modular spectrum LED lamps etc.) depending on the experimental requirements. The chambers are able to condition the environment (T°C, HR%, CO213C), while gas exchange measurements could also be done on the experimental units hosted in each chamber. This can be done either by using a customised photosynthesis chamber connected to a LiCor 6400 or the automated soil gas flux system Li-8100A that can mulitplex up to 16 experimental units.

To learn more about the platform, follow this link.

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