One of the particularities of AnaEE-France's infrastructure is its ability to offer experimentation, analysis and modelling services to respond to urgent scientific issues. AnaEE-France offers a break with the traditional research philosophy and provides users with open access platforms capable of meeting challenges with multiple and unequalled strengths:
  1. an ability to simultaneously study the multiple pressures of global change on ecosystems;
  2. tools to monitor multiple interacting ecosystem processes;
  3. tools to study changes at different levels of biological organization;
  4. a high diversity of ecosystem types (lakes, grasslands, soils, etc.) to study the multiple compartments of continental ecosystems;
  5. a portfolio of platforms and experimental tools covering different environmental periods and contexts, to integrate knowledge into models and address the different processes leading to ecosystem dynamics over different time scales;
  6. experimental tools that cover different spatial scales, also allowing to study the role of spatial dynamics on ecosystem processes.


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