The AnaEE France project is coordinated by Dr Jean Clobert, Director of the CNRS Experimental Ecology Station in Moulis (SEEM) and by Dr André Chanzy, Research Director of the EMMAH Unit at the INRA PACA Research Center in Avignon.

The Executive Unit is made up of the Coordinators, Project Leaders and an administrative executive. It manages "day-to-day" project operation by implementing the advice and directives issued by the other governance bodies. It meets every 2 weeks.

The Bureau is made up of the members of the Executive Unit plus a Node Managers representative and a representative from AnaEE Europe. It organizes the Executive and Steering Committees and may be called upon when a rapid one-off decision is needed. It meets as required, at the request of one of its members.

The Executive Committee is made up of the members of the Bureau plus all Node Managers (2 per Node). It implements the operating methods decided by the Steering Committee. It meets twice a year.

The Steering Committee is made up of representatives from the supervisory bodies and members of the scientific community with links to the project. It decides on and validates the project's strategic directions. It meets once a year.

The International Scientific Advisory Board is made up of scientists from outside the project but with expertise in one of the fields covered by the project and/or in infrastructure management. It evaluates and expresses its opinion on the policies envisaged or enacted by the project, and offers advice on project development. It meets once every 2 years.

Current members of the various bodies are listed below:

Coordinators: Jean François Le Galliard (CNRS, also co-manager of Node 1)

                 & André Chanzy (INRA, also co-manager of Node 3);

Executive Unit: The coordinators plus Christine Schrive (CNRS administrative executive), Emmanuelle Cariou Pham (Technical Project Manager) Marion Bousquet (Project Leader Administration and Finance);

Bureau: Members of the Executive Unit plus Jean-Clobert (CNRS, co- manager of Node 2) & Michèle Tixier Boichard (INRA, Coordinator AnaEE Europe);

Executive Committee: Members of the Bureau plus Jacques Roy (CNRS, co-manager of Node 1), Didier Azam (INRA, co-manager of Node 2), Jean-Marc Limousin (CNRS, co-manager of Node 3), Christian Mougin & Laurent Saint-André (INRA, co-managers of Node 4), Christian Pichot & Cécile Callou (INRA & Museum, respectively, co-managers of Node 5) and Jean-Gabriel Valay (UGA, representing universities).

Steering Committee: Members of the Executive Unit plus Dominique Joly & Stéphanie Thiébault (representing CNRS), Thierry Caquet & Gilles Aumont (representing INRA), Eric Saint Aman (representing UJF), Jean Guzzo (representing the University of Bourgogne), Yves Lazlo (representing ENS), Roman Kossakowski (representing the University of Savoie), Georges Linares (representing UAPV), Emmanuel Doelsch (representing AllEnvi), Ivan Nijs (representing AnaEE Europe), Olivier Perceval (representing Onema), Jean-Paul Guinebretière (representing VEGEPOLYS).

Scientific Advisory Board: Nina Buchmann (Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Zürich), Reinhart Ceulemans (Chair, University of Antwerp), Pierre Cotty (Ifremer, Brest), Andrew Gonzalez (McGill University), Phil Grime (emeritus professor at the University of Sheffield), Thierry Heulin (CEA, Cadarache), Charles Perrings (Arizona State University).

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